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It’s a commonly held belief that synthetic turf degrades the quality and appearance of residential housing by default. Rather than enhancing the look and feel of your yard, it can only degrade the aesthetics of the home by making it look cheap, fake, or just all-around ugly.

Through our extensive research and experience looking at landscape designs around the more arid parts of the country, we’ve come to see this as completely untrue. Not only can fake grass capture the same aesthetics as natural turf, but in many cases, it actually enhances the look of the yard thanks to its neat uniformity.

Real grass is a fickle plant; it can take years of painstaking effort and a hefty toll on your wallet to get it to grow consistently across the lawn, and that effort and money need to continue to be poured into it to keep it healthy. With artificial turf, as long as the installation is performed with care and attention to detail, you can have a perfectly manicured lawn within a few days that never dies, gets patchy, or has to be mowed or watered.

That initial installation for the synthetic lawn is key – we’ve seen many shoddy installations that look as if the homeowner had just thrown some green carpet over a mound of dirt. To get the same level of aesthetic quality as a natural lawn, installers need to create well-drawn-out plans and put in the care and attention needed to accommodate the unique properties of the space.

With our parched climate getting ever drier, many homeowners are looking to ditch their lawns for good. For those looking for the best quality turf installations in southern California, we can’t recommend NoMow Turf enough.

Their many successful projects can be seen in the pictures we’ve included in this post, and the testimonials left by their customers speak to the company’s efficacy and work quality. Check them out:

I couldn’t be more satisfied with how our NoMow Turf turned out. The crew was polite and more importantly paid extreme attention to detail. I needed some extra work done in order to make the area to our liking and they took care of it right away. The putting green area is top notch and they even put a slight slope in it to make it more realistic. The crew double-checked with me on the layout and where I wanted the holes etc.

My wife and kids have actually taken a liking to the putting green which I must say is quite simply awesome. My friends and family were blown away by how quickly the yard was transformed.

Goodbye gophers, rabbits, and large water bill

I will recommend NoMow every time! – Chris H., Yelp Review

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If you’ve been mulling over replacing your difficult and expensive natural turf lawn but have been hesitant to replace it with synthetic grass, do yourself a favor and get in contact with NoMow Turf. Their project managers will help you create a dream landscape that is only enhanced by a low-effort and high-quality turf installation.

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