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Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of our new blog! We here at North County Landscape and Home Improvement do our best in capturing the newest and coolest trends and styles emerging from our respective wheelhouse so you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes time to do your next project. We enjoy not only providing you with historical context and critical analysis of these emerging trends, but also how you can incorporate them into your home and the resources you need to make that project a success.

Today we’ll be discussing an integral feature of your landscaping that nonetheless is oft overlooked or considered ‘boring’: the patio cover. Absolutely essential for any environment that gets an above average amount of sun, there’s a variety of interesting and visually stunning types and styles of patio covers that can give you some well-needed shade during our hot summer days and act as a focal point for your yard’s look and feel.

There are two essential elements that make up a patio cover – the material and the style. Typical materials include wood, aluminum, acrylic, plastic, cloth, and vinyl. Materials can be used in combination with each other for cost effectiveness or to provide a certain look for the structure.

Styles include awnings (full roof extending out from the main structure of the house), pergolas (structures that use interlocking beams to provide shade), canopies (tent-like structures that provide shelter), and even thatched roofs for more ‘tropical’ themed yards. The style of cover you want to use is dependent on the general theme of the yard or your inclination on how you’d like to best use the space.

Regardless of the type of patio cover you choose, proper installation is key to getting it to serve its function and look its best once it’s in your yard. For that, you’re going to need expert help, and for our San Diego viewers that means calling Torrey Pines Landscaping.

One of the most decorated and lauded companies working in the landscaping business today, Torrey Pines has made a name for itself by designing and implementing some of the most beautiful and complex landscaping projects of our day. Not only is their work impressive, the service they provide to their clients is something to behold, as evidenced by this testimonial:

“We had Torrey Pines Landscape completely renovate our “tired” little backyard into an “outdoor paradise” for us, with outdoor built-in grill area, fire pit, new sprinkler system complete with French drains, outdoor lighting, bushes, plants, etc.  A few years later we had them put in a succulent garden in the front area of our home. Recently, we were working on our own backyard project and hit/broke a sprinkler line and called TPL for help with it.

Regarding the backyard project: We had a specific deadline as we were planning to use it for a wedding reception. Harry and his landscape professionals assisted GREATLY with plant selection and design. TPL went above and beyond by completing this major project on time, and were friendly, professional, and respectful at all times. Regarding the succulent garden: It turned out beautiful and we have been very happy with it. Regarding the sprinkle line repair: We called TPL for a reference or to see if they would be able to schedule a repair. They sent Ian out within 3 days, who repaired it within an hour and they did not charge us for the repair. WOW. We were not expecting that, but this is the kind of company TPL is. They truly care about their customers. We would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a quality landscape project managed by a very professional crew.”

M.M, Yelp

If you’re looking to start a new landscaping project or completely reform your home’s outdoor spaces from the top down, look no farther than Torrey Pines Landscaping. Their abilities are second to none, and they are one of the companies who inspired us to start this blog in the first place!

Torrey Pines Landscaping

(858) 454-1433

5560 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121

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