Protecting Your Pergola

While we try to primarily focus on new and upcoming trends in landscaping in this publication, we do occasionally veer into tertiary services that help you supplement your home improvement projects or protect the ones you have. Today, our focus is on the latter point, specifically protecting your landscaping from the terrifying natural world of pests.

While you might think that termites are a problem for the main structure of your house, fact is the little buggers can invade and infest any structure made of wood on your property. Without proper treatment, they can pretty much destroy the beautiful wood hardscape you’ve spent your time and hard-earned money on.

While we’re not covering the bleeding edge of landscape design, we do like the services we promote to be on the cutting edge of their respective fields. For pest control, that means using new and alternative methods to both destroy any current infestations and prevent future ones from popping back up, preferably without destroying any more of the environment in the process.

Companies like Natural Science Exterminating use chemicals and compounds that occur in nature for their natural fumigation process without the need for the usual horrific synthetic poisons used by exterminator companies in decades past. They also use pest-deterrent organic compounds such as orange oil to drive away any exploratory termites from setting up shop on your property.

The company has been working in southern California for a while now, and has built up a robust portfolio of testimonials that point to their efficacy:

You can’t beat Natural Science they are the best.. We have been customers for almost 20yrs. They go above and beyond with their expertise fantastic customer service. They arrive on time and always with a smile. I had Mike inspect my home yesterday, and he brought up other issues that he noticed that I should get fixed. Joey is who used to come, but I’ll take Mike and say. What a wonderful young man. Of course, you can’t get anything started without Julie. She’s a wonderful asset to the company. Keep up the good job, and I will continue for another 20 yrs. Great company…. Katherine and my girls…..

(Katherine Henshaw, Google Review)

I didn’t know how relentless ants could be until our house became attacked by them!  Our house is always pretty clean and there was no food out for them to get but they wanted to march right through anyways.  I tried everything to get rid of them but they seemed like they were coming from inside the walls!!!  Natural Science Exterminating came out, and I must say, I was skeptical that they would be able to do anything since I had tried everything.  The first time they were out, the ants were back the next day… But fortunately they gave a guarantee and came back and the next time they tried something different and it worked!!  Thank goodness.  It’s now been a year later and we still have no ants.  I don’t know what I would have done without them!  Very knowledgeable and professional.  Pet and kid friendly.  I will use them again if I need to.

(Alicen B., Yelp Review)

If you believe your wood hardscape in your yard or your house itself is experiencing a termite infestation, give Natural Science Exterminating a call. They’ll use the same compounds that nature uses to drive away pests and protect your property.

Natural Science Exterminating


11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

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