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Why should the suffering of an animal at the hands of a human not be spared? This question is key to the contemplation of vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based lifestyles.

The rationale of all movements is complex and nuanced. The coolest termite treatment in Orange County is plant-derived, but not vegan. But first, let’s explore what different practices have in common and how they diverge. 

Veganism originated out of the concerns of animal safety and cruelty advocates in opposition to all forms of animal suffering. Veganism is mostly known as a list of dietary exclusions, but it is actually a lifestyle that eliminates and avoids all forms of consuming animal and animal-derived products. An individual who practices veganism, a vegan, would not only exclude meat from their diet, but also leather and wool from their fashion and furniture. 

Vegetarianism is a sacred practice rooted in certain religious beliefs and cultural customs. It is also practiced non-religiously in the same ethos as veganism. The key focus of vegetarians is to avoid eating meat, however, animal products like eggs, milk, butter, and cream may be consumed. Pescatarians are similar to vegetarians, however, they consume seafood. The motives of some pescatarians lean toward environmental rather than ethical, as the farming and consumption of seafood may have far less of an environmental impact than the farming and consumption of tetrapods. Furthermore, some pescatarians believe that fish and water-dwelling creatures do not experience sentience in the same way that land animals experience fear and pain, claims that have been heavily debated by other groups including vegans and animal activists. 

A devotee of a plant-based lifestyle may have environmental and ethical concerns along with health and dietary concerns. The focus is limiting their consumption to only products that have been derived from plants, without the rigor of excluding animals or animal-based consumption.

The Natural Exterminator

Like politics, the views of pro- and anti-vegans are controversial. Perhaps just as controversial is the suggestion that even the most animal-loving Buddhist would not be happy with a dangling ceiling that has become moist and chewed through by termites. Billions of dollars of damage across the United States are caused by termites every year—something that gives people of all creeds something to shout about. 

The Natural Exterminator offers natural removal for certain types of termites. Orange oil, an essential oil, dissolves the exoskeletons of termites to remove areas of infestation. Of course, the dissolving of exoskeletons is not vegan, but it is plant-derived!

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Orange oil is an organic solution that effectively removes certain types of infestations without the use of chemicals. Furthermore, it is strong enough to kill termites without harming other beings, when applied by licensed and trained experts.

Perhaps settling the debate will come to the understanding that humans may never be able to entirely avoid animal suffering or the use of chemicals. In some of the more serious states of pest infestation, tent fumigation may be the last and only resort to remove the critters. In these cases, avoiding the chemical solution puts human well-being at risk, as damages can lead to the loss of structural integrity and financial resources. 

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